If Copenhagen is too big for you - Aarhus

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If you decide to skip Copenhagen then turn your attention towards the second biggest city of Denmark. It only has a population of more than 250 thousand, mainly young people. The reason for that is that the biggest university of whole Scandinavia is here, the Aarhus University, and from this comes a very high quality of education and above average level of general intelligence.

The central location of the city makes it very important in terms of economics, as it is only 180 km away from Copenhagen, and it has a port, it has a cultural and financial leading role in the region. Its main source of income comes from its trade and the services sector, and because it has a highly qualified, competitive workforce, it has many well-paying jobs offering good positions and high salary. There can only good come out if this; a sturdy client base with lots of disposable income – it is best if you want to start a business in prostitution here. (The geniuses of giant research centres and pharmaceutical companies also need some quality time sometimes).

In terms of accommodation, life would be easier if you were a student, because plenty rooms are available to rent, you could get one for as much as 240 euro/month, but if you are looking to get a whole apartment, than you will need way more. If however, you are willing to move a little away from the city to the surrounding villages, than you have a good chance of finding something more reasonably priced. Still, if I were you I would start with looking at flat-shares first, because that is the cheapest option. Of course, moving out only works for those of you who do real escort (you go to the client and not the other way around), or who live in one flat and work in another, or maybe if every one of your flat mates are “escorts”. (I recommend you check “boligportal.dk” for prices and availability).

If you need to get around somehow, then best to choose the bicycle again, as this option offers you free travel on the city’s bikes from April to October – the system is similar to how shopping carts work; insert a coin and you are free to go, and once you finished you will get your money back. Of course, I understand that bike is not for everyone, maybe those of you who need to get to their workplace and want to warm up a little before the first shift . However, riding the bike to where the escort takes place is not something I would suggest. First it takes long, the clients will be bored out of their minds as they wait, secondly if you hurry to get there in time you will be all smelly and sweaty, and you do not want that (unless the client has asked for this specifically ). 


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Oh yes, the good old Aarhus, the place where I lost my virginity with a beautiful escort! Those were the times! I had two escorts which was meant to be a birthday present for my 18th birthday, and they took very good care of me ;) Since then I am addicted to meeting escorts in Aarhus at least once a week! I live and die for those beautiful curves and the best escort services in Denmark! I love the pleasure, the feeling, and I will never stop! It is great to live in Denmark and enjoy limitless sexual pleasures with the best looking escorts!

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I love Aarhus, such a nice and friendly little city, used to live there for a while so I could get the chance to meet some of the escorts in the city. Comparing to Copenhagen I can say that you can find more local escorts here than foreign ones, the city is a lot smaller than the capital and most of the foreign girls try the bigger city to get more customers and make more money. So Aarhus is full of sexy local young escorts, recommend you guys to come and look around here.

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There are many super sexy escort girls in Aarhus, who love dating gentlemen, so they are perfect for me! There are many types of escort sin Copenhagen for example, it is a lot harder for me to find my special companion for myself! I have a lot of criteria, and it really matters to me that the actual escort girl of my choice is a smart one who has university degree and who acts like a true lad,y, not like a rich prostitutes. There is a difference, trust me! Now Aarhus is full of my type girls, and that is why I love it!

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I have been to Aarhus several times to meet escort girls there, and I can say that it is a great place to do that! I have visited many others cities before, even Copenhagen, but the best looking escort girls are available in Aarhus for sure! Or at least they were when I was there a month ago! I do not really understand why though, one would think that Copenhagen is more popular with sex escorts, but maybe the prices of the rental properties hold them back and divert them into smaller cities that are still big enough to do business!

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Aarhus is the best place for the escort girls to move to and start selling their hot sexual services! I do not only say this, because I happen to live in Aarhus :P anyway, it is a really nice city, and the people are very friendly here, and - what matters the most to the escort girls - the guys are rich and horny all the time, which means they will have plenty of clients, and also, probably a lot of them will become regulars as well! This is the best news a sexy Aarhus escort wannabe could ever hear! ;)

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Aarhus is a great place to date escort girls in Denmark! I have tried many cities before, believe me, but the Aarhus girls are the best in their profession! The GFE they give is just mind-blowing! the best girlfriend experience I have ever had! The best thing about it, that they understand me very well! I love how they take off my coat when I arrive, offer me drinks, tell me to tell them about my days, like a real girlfriend, they are absolutely fantastic! So hot, I cannot wait to get back there!

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Yes, definitely Aarhus is the best city of Denmark. The paradise of punters, I dare say! As it writes there are a lot of students in this beatiful city from all over the country and the world, attending universtiies. Many of them - fortunatelly, sorry for my selfishness - struggle with financial difficulties, so this is why it's worth visiting the citiy, taking the advantage of many fresh and educated university students girls, who are actually escorts in part time.

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Aarhus is my favourite city! It is full of young people, lot of activities and programs, festivals and concerts, and young escorts! I simply love it!!!

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You are right my friend! I am also young guy, and I love that city, for me it is much friendlier than Copenhagen, while I love the capital, I prefer the smaller towns, and I have to say that the escort girls are better in Aarhus, than in Copenhagen! I actually meet many of them in both cities, and the service quality is better in Aarhus, probably because there are fewer clients, so the escorts have to play them harder to keep them! And this is best for us punters :D

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I do not agree with you! Aarhus is very good in its own, nothing is wrong with it, typically the teen escort girls are lovely in particular, but when it comes to comparing it to something Copenhagen is not really a good opponent, as it well wins the fight many times over!Copenhagen is friendly, busy, and not busy at the same time, supports the young and takes care of the old! It is colorful, sexy and exciting ate the same time! Aarhus is a little bit of all this, but on a much smaller scale! Escorts are also fewer there!

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My second favourite city! It is packed with teen escorts who have to make money "to pay for school" :DDD all those sexy students just blow my mind anytime I meet an international beauty!

rick · nitro
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I agree with you nitro on this, there is only a few things better than a lovely teen escort from the local university, and that is two f them at the same time :D

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I see why all of you guys love Aarhus so much :D and I understand of course, and I am happy to say that I have also experienced the taste of those foreign pussies, and good they taste good! Some real escorts could learn from these uni students, but it has to be said, that many of the girls don't like or don't do anal at all... :(

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I can totally understand all of you. When I was going to university I fucked every girl I could, all those foreign exchange students :D It was the best day of my life :D

eric · nitro
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I am in for a great session with a couple of those beautiful crispy fresh international teen girls as well. Nothing is better then part time inexperienced escort girls! I simply love them! And Aarhus is full of these girls.