Scandinavian guidebook for sex workers and their clients – Series I. Denmark

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Recommendation and introduction – why you should read it and what it is about...

Dear Readers, Travellers. I know that many people are looking to visit a certain country for extraordinary, highly unusual reasons – such as legalized cannabis smoking (Netherlands), or for sex-tourism purposes, perhaps to work abroad – and that in many of these instances ordinary, multipurpose guidebooks are of very little use to you.

Do not be mistaken, I have respect and admiration towards those people who spend years collecting data about landmarks, statues and other popular tourist attractions, but many simply do not care about these things at all, they merely visit the place to use drugs legally or to enjoy the high quality services of a “legal prostitute” or escort without boundaries.

So, in order for you to have a good understanding of Scandinavian people I have decided to release a series of longer and more complex essays about all the Northern European countries including interesting facts and basic information which is good to know and you should consider when visiting or moving to these countries.

I am starting out with Denmark (for it comes first alphabetically), and in the next paragraphs I will share some valuable information and experiences with you, which are - although possible to live without – going to prove useful undoubtedly in your everyday lives as a professional sex worker, escort, porn actress/actor, or a sex-tourist. Amongst many others, you will read about history, economics, the life of Nordic people, and other pieces of information and facts that might seem unimportant but are rather invaluable.

Whether you like it or not you must acknowledge the fact that being intelligent is just as much the part of your professional escort lives as looking sexy and beautiful, and being able to provide quality sexual services. So do not turn your attention away when seeing sub-titles that are seemingly boring, toughen up and read through them all, for your own sake. Believe me; knowledge will come in handy as soon as you meet an intelligent client who wants more than a “quick-one” (maybe a full night with some GFE, or real escort work visiting gallery openings, attending parties and such). You will see that being able to participate in conversations about nearly everything will also make you a good escort resulting in positive reviews and feedback, thus generating fame and guaranteeing you a lot of well-paying “hot-dates” with VIP clients (there will be some useful information on the importance of being competitive later, so read on).

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Actually I have met so many intelligent and beautiful escorts here in Copenhagen. They are quite young ( under 25) and being a prostitute is not their full time job which means they don't have 10 clients per day. They are university students and do this job to make more money.They know the places in the city quite well and you can go out for a proper date with them, even visiting some nice places or taking a trip to countryside.

Willy Wilson
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it's interesting that whenever I go drabbing in Copenhagen, looking for some escort service, I often do the sex-business with escorts who speak better and better English, but they seem to have a godd command of German and other languages like other Scandinavian or European ones. I'm feeling more and more ashamed that these creatures surpass me and do the dirty job...

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I find it interesting that the writer says there is only very few intelligent escorts out there :D the thing is, either I am too stupid, or the escorts are getting smarter, but some of them even have degrees (according to their life story)!

hansen · shorty
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yes, I have seen this myself too, but smart escort is not that common, so I think it might only be you who is stupid :D

garlic · shorty
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yes, right, they say that, some of them has huge amounts of student loan to pay back and they struggle to find jobs with a fresh degree, so they end up escorting a bit for some money, then they go back to their lives. Or not. :D

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I am glad that this guide is released! It helps a lot for beginner punters and beginner escorts alike! I am waiting for more to come! Very good job!

eric · rick
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agree, I never would have thought that one would make a guide like this, it is fairly long and informative too, and seems like a lot of help for escorts and alike

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Me and my friends have visited Netherlands for this very reason, to smoke cannabis freely! Also their red light districts are amazing, full of window escorts! It is so great, they should have stuff like this in Denmark too!

luckyguy · toft
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I support your case toft :D I was there too and I totally agree with you on needing window girls in Copenhagen :D

gordon · the beardlover · toft
| 2 |

another supporter here! I think no one really would mind if we had some window girls

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interesting topic, I am waiting for the details too, and I completely agree with Eric about the smart escorts :)))

nitro · garlic
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this seems to be a rather long description! So much information, and yet so few smart escorts :D

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I have yet to meet one escort girl who seems "intelligent" enough, being smart is sooo sexy, but these sluts are stupid :(

thor · eric
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I met one once, she had a degree in physics in Slovakia but she said there was no jobs for physicists there so because she looked good decided to become a prostitute to earn money to buy flat in Slovakia

toft · eric
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yes, many of them become escorts for this very reason, to pay of debt or mortgage, but some of them enjoy this type of work too!

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finally someone took the time to collect date, I hope it will turn out to be good, as I recently moved to Copenhagen I appreciate some help!

thor · hansen
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yes, I am looking forward to more details, I am curious what else they will write about

luckyguy · hansen
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me too, I am curious about the "backstage" things as well, I hope there will be some insider information, too!

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You will see soon. :P

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i am very curious what info you can let us know what we do not know about the sex business in denmark. :D