Hello escorts of Denmark

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Just a short note -- feel free to start your own blog on the Danish edition of Sex-tjejer.com!

You don't have to be a poet to share toughts about your escort life.

Enjoy your stay and as always, if you have any questions just drop us a line or leave a reply here.

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gordon · the beardlover
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Now that we have a little spare time around Christmas I have had the time to read all the blogposts written here recently. Very useful tips and information for us and for the escorts here, too. I think these things can help them a lot to start their business here and we are also given some extra "insider" information about the escort life. I think in the New Year more and more new escorts will come to Copenhagen, I just cannot wait to see and meet them!

Willy Wilson
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I'm glad to see that there's this opportunity for escorts in denmark to share their experiences and possible problems by writing blog. It also can be useful for punters to read them as it can be a source of information about the world of escorts in Denmark e.g. what they like in clients, what kind of treatment they abhor or what sort of guest's attitude they prefer...

| +2 |

I am happy that the blog is coming to life, good to see that there are many new users who are commenting on the posts and reply to each other! I hope it stays this way!

eric · hansen
| 1 |

Yes me too, I am here from the beginning, and I also see the positive changes that happened here. I only wish there was a few more female member?

| +4 |

I am also here for the guide book, but I enjoy reading then nasty dirty stories about those slutty little escorts too :D When is gonna be more of those here?

rick · nitro
| 2 |

I am with you about the guide, it is quite helpful and very informative too, but it seems to me that in the last few weeks the blog is coming to new life with more and more posts and comments!

shorty · nitro
| 1 |

evreyone, go for the guide book! It is the most interesting blog here, and I cannot wait for more details on escort and punter life in Denmark !

gordon · the beardlover
| +5 |

guys, read the sex guide book, it is one of the best, they are writing about the cities now, I think it will be an interesting series...

| +7 |

yeah, there are quite a few good ones up here already, the guidebook is quite good

thor · garlic
| 5 |

yes, it is very good, I wonder how long it will be though, there are quite a few posts now up there about the escort life and stuff

toft · garlic
| 4 |

I will plus this one, I enjoy reading the guidebook too, I wonder what else they will write about, but I can only recommend this one!

luckyguy · garlic
| 3 |

yes, I like the guidebook as well, it is one of the best written articles out there that I have come across in this topic so far :)

garlic · garlic
| 0 |

they keep posting new episodes of that guidebook, it seems like a neverending source of information for punters and escorts!

| +6 |

great, great I am bored anyway, keep the good stuff coming! (or should i say cumming :D)

eric · hansen
| 3 |

lol, what a joke...anyway, I am waiting for blogs to come too, I love those nasty stories that escorts and punters write

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